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This page is for references used as support for various presentations. The links alone stand alone as great reference material.

Conscious Universe

Dimensions of the Great Turning with Joanna Macy

You Were Born for A Conscious Universe

IONS Conscious Universe - Transformative Change Requires Conscious Choices - Sharing on Intentionality

Conscious Universe Retreat Intensive - FAQ's and Media Resource List

Dueling Dualism

The Ego and The Eternal: Ruminations on Cosmic Cooperation
An Article by Don Mihaloew, EdD, LMFT


Touch Drawing

Touch Drawing Web Site

Sample of Artwork Images

Touch Drawing Stories


Arts and healing network Interview

Video Touch Drawing Demonstration


You Were Born for Such a Time

James O'Dea and Quest for Global Healing

David's Desk #21: Soul Size by David Spangler

Personal Mythology
Television Interview with Stanley Krippner on Personal Mythology

Gestalt As A Way of Life and Gestalt as Therapy

The Gestalt Resources and Reference Project

Gestalt Writers

Transpersonal Internet
Transpersonal Internet


Association Of Humanistic Psychology
Association of Humanistic Psychology

The Institute of Noetic Sciences
The Institute of Noetic Sciences


Marc Ian Barasch
Sprouting Seeds of Compassion

Great CD's Available - Audios - James O'Dea

Spirit in Action...Wisdom in Community
with James O'Dea
(Seattle Unity, 2004)

Conscious Universe: Science, Faith and Activism for a New Cosmology
James O'Dea, moderator Madge Peinkofer and panel: Rev. Lisa Davis, Sr. Alexandra Kovats, Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield, and Lenore Norgard
(Portland Unity, 2007)

What Is Your Place in a Conscious Universe?
Sunday Sermon
with James O'Dea
(Portland Unity, 2007)

Toward an Emerging Science of Peace & Transformation
with James O'Dea
(Seattle Unity, 2006)

You Were Born for Such a Time as This!
The Collective Wisdom of Transformation
with James O'Dea, Gloria Burgess, David Spangler, Norma Timbang
Phil Lane Jr.
(Seattle Unity, 2009)