Celebrate the New Year Discovering Your New Personal Myth


Transformative Groups - Holiday CelebrationBring forward YOUR NEW MYTHIC PATH. Celebrate the NEW YEAR discovering and transforming the story of your life!


Your NEW PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY for 2011 and beyond awaits you.


Personal Mythology comprises those beliefs and worldviews that consciously or unconsciously influence our decisions and give meaning to our lives. Some of these myths are helpful and some are harmful. Your life, your experience, and the way you see things has many forces that shaped it. Discover YOUR PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY and learn how to change it, working intentionally with your MYTHIC PATH for the NEW YEAR and beyond.


Transform Your Mythic Path: Personal Mythology, Dreamwork, and Shamanism with Dr. Stanley Krippner produced by Transformative Groups, Jan. 28-30, 2011Jan.28-30, 2011

Through working with dreams, rituals, and expressive exercises in a weekend retreat led by Stanley Krippner, PhD, a world expert on shamanism, consciousness research, and dream studies, you will discover your own PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY. Apply the skills of myth intentionally to change your personal and collective experiences, just as shamans do. Transform unconscious beliefs and habits.


Dr. Krippner, a pioneer of Transpersonal Psychology, will guide you safely in a workshop grounded in group work and instruction. He will show you how to work effectively with YOUR PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY and help others change theirs. Embark on MYTHIC PATH for 2011 and beyond with a master who will help you find and shift the dysfunctional parts of your life story and celebrate YOUR NEW MYTH for A NEW YEAR.


(1/28-30, 2011) Transform Your Mythic Path: Personal Mythology, Dreamwork and Shamanism in Bellevue, WA


Rave reviews abound for hundreds on this experiential workshop intensive with Dr. Stanley Krippner. On 1/28-30, 2011 we will offer this rare opportunity once again in Bellevue. Please join world expert and consciousness pioneer, Stanley Krippner PhD, learning how to work with myth, ritual, dreams, and expressive arts, changing YOUR PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY.  In turn, you will be able to guide others.


Embark on a fascinating, once in a lifetime journey into YOUR MYTHICAL INNER LANDSCAPE. Learn how to have a shaman’s view working with ritual, dreams, and story to stay on the new MYTHIC PATH you discover and intentionally take in 2011 and for the rest of your life. Celebrate the discovery of a NEW PERSONAL MYTH for the NEW YEAR!






Educational Offering - Continuing Ed (17 CEU, PDU 2 Qtr Credit)


Transformative Groups - Continuing Professional Education - Healthcare, Teeachers, StudentsTransform Your Mythic Path: Personal Mythology, Shamanism, and Dreamwork is not only experiential but TRANSFORMATIONAL and EDUCATIONAL open to general audiences as well as offering continuing education for professionals, An option of earning 17.0 Cont Ed Units or 2.0 Quarter College Credits is provided. CEUS and clock hours are for counselors (and mfts), social workers, nurses, teachers (k-12), students, and other professionals.



1/28/10 Introductory Friday Lecture with Book Signing


Stanley Krippner Personal Myth and DreamworkAmong books and hundreds of articles written by Dr. Krippner, Personal Mythology: Using Ritual, Dreams, and Imagination to Discover Your Inner Story, first authored in 1988 with Dr. David Feinstein, later republished as Transform Your Mythic Path. In 2009, Personal Mythology was published again as a curriculum. Dr. Krippner introduces the field of Personal Mythology with experiential exercises to show how the  forces of myth operate to shape lives through personal, biological, familial, cultural, and environmental experiences. Narrative psychology and mythology crystallize hidden patterns and find elements to transform feelings, reveal unconscious beliefs, and remove personal blocks.


Register for the INTRO PRESENTATION and BOOK SIGNING ($20) on 1/28, 2011, 7-9 pm. Attend the evening presentation only or take the FULL Transform Your Mythic Path workshop including the INTRO EVENING. Look for the organizational and student discounts for the entire workshop on http://www.mythevolve.com.




Newly Released Articles on Shamanism


Articles on Shamanism by Dr. Stanley KrippnerDr. Krippner has a lifetime of studying shamanism both in his research studies, by guiding PhD students, and by living and working with shamans. He has just released 3 comprehensive academic articles on shamanism which were written over the last 7 years. Articles are: 1) The Epistemology and Technologies of Shamanic States of Consciousness; 2) Shamans and Shamanism: Points and Counterpoints; 3) Jim Morrison: A Failed Shaman.


Download 3 PDF Articles on Shamanism and download on http://www.mythevolve.com



A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity - Learn From a Pioneer of Human Potential


Dr. Krippner is a a living treasure of knowledge on shamanism, dreams, and consciousness studies, an original pioneer of the human potential movement. He is an honorary member of indigenous communities around the world. He values experiential work and he is very integrated from years of working on his own Personal Mythology. He was a founder of Saybrook University and has written over 900 hundred books and articles. Other featured books include: Healing Tales: The Narrative Arts in Spiritual Traditions; Healing Stories: The Use of Narrative in Counseling and Psychotherapy; Extraordinary Dreams; and Haunted by Combat.


Link to the event information page to see Dr. Krippner’s biography and to see some of the books which will be available and discounted at the 1/28-30 Transform Your Mythic Path: Personal Mythology, Dreamwork, and Shamanism evening introductory presentation and book signing and weekend workshop intensive.


See www.mthevolve.com for books and reviews.



Endorsements for Personal Mythology Book


Jean HoustonDr. Krippner was inspired by his contemporaries like Joseph Campbell, Jean Houston, June Singer, and many others. Read Personal Mythology: Using Ritual, Dreams, and Imagination to Discover Your Inner Story by David Feinstein, PhD and Stanley Krippner PhD – INRODUCTION BY JEAN HOUSTON. This is a wonderful essay about the value of working with myth, personally and culturally.


Joseph Campbell said Personal Mythology is: “A fresh and intriguing synthesis of a mythological perspective with contemporary psychological methods…”


Stanislav Grof said, “Continuing and expanding this work of C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell, this important book explores the role of mythology in our lives and its relevance for the future of our planet.”


Jean Houston wrote an introduction to the third edition of the book, originally co-authored with Dr. David Feinstein and written again as Transform Your Mythic Path, now in its 3rd release as Personal Mythology: Using Ritual, Dreams, and Imagination to Discover Your Inner Story. Link below to JEAN HOUSTON’S INTRO at http://www.transformativegroups.com/JeanHouston_IntroPersMyth.htm


Check out the OTHER ENDORSEMENTS from contemporary colleagues at http://www.transformativegroups.com/krippnerendorsements.htm



Participant Praise for Transform Your Mythic Path: Personal Mythology, Dreamwork, and Shamanism Workshop







Rave reviews abound on the level of knowledge presented interspersed with experiential and group work using art, ritual, and Gestalt therapy. Most participants find exactly what is in their way of a life fulfilled, transforming through building on profound moments of clarity.


Success Stories


(artwork below by Deborah-Koff Chapin recorded at a Krippner workshop).


Here are some examples of success stories from the last 4 workshops:


1) at least 5 people have decided to go back to school and make Personal Mythology their graduate work; 2) one person found the energy to publish her book after procrastinating for years; 3) several people transformed their relationships: 4) others got clear on why they needed to end relationships, 5) and still others found the love of their life.


Aside from the examples above, there are countless more testimonials of how Dr. Krippner has influenced lives for good. Check the ones from the first workshop in Portland on the event page.


BRITA ADKINSON, a former pioneer of The Fiindhorn community shares her transformational experience in BRITA ADKINSON’S RECOMMENDATION of Transform Your Mythic Path at http://www.transformativegroups.com/personalmythreport.htm


Also see REVIEWS from Transformative Groups first Portland, Oregon workshop at http://www.transformativegroups.com/mythevolve.htm/#comments



Social Networking Community Page

A SOCIAL NETWORKING COMMUNITY for ALUMNI of Transform Your Mythic Path: Personal Mythology, Dreamwork and Shamanism workshop participants is set up to for a safe and meaningful online community and peer environment to share experiences after taking the workshop and applying what is learned intentionally to those who continue to work with Personal Mythology in their lives. Many people have shared their deep reflections here.



Details  for Transform Your Mythic Path: Personal Mythology, Dreamwork and Shamanism – Jan. 28-30, 2011 in Bellevue, WA


Personal Mythology * Dreamwork * Shamanism


1/28-30, 2011 (Seattle area)

Transform Your Mythic Path: Personal Mythology and Dreamwork  Intensive with Stanley Krippner PhD


DATE: Jan. 28-30, 2011 with INTRO Book Signing, 1/28, 7-9 PM; Wkshop: (1/28) 7-9 PM, (1/29) 9AM-9 PM, (1/30) 9 AM-1 PM

FOR: Publics and Professionals Cont Ed: 17 CECs (nurses, social workers, counselors (and mft), educators (k-12)) available on site with processing fee ($20/$30).

DATE: Full Workshop Intensive, Jan 28-30, 2011 with 1/28 INTRO presentation and book signing.

LOCATION: Northwest Arts Center (Bellevue). 9825 NE 24th St, Bellevue, WA 98004 (Clyde Hill)

FEES: $285/$295/$175, INTRO at $20 ( see web for discounts)

CONTACT: Susan Burns: 425 881-9000; info@mythevolve.com

INFO & REGISTER: http://www.mythevolve.com





Susan Burns



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