An All Day Workshop for General Public and Professionals

Sponsored by Association for Humanistic Psychology

From Crisis to Opportunity

Understanding the Challenges, Healing the Dividedness, Unleashing the Possibilities in the Middle Passage.

Isabelle St. Jean

November 14, 2009


9 AM-5 PM
FEE: Early by 9/30/09, $85 (AHP members: $95)
Regular: $95 (AHP members: $85)

An All Day Workshop
For Those Who Heal
Those Who Long For Living Fully

Midlife is a time when many go through a huge transition. It can be confusing, even depressing and debilitating, and it can be transformed into the greatest time of life. Science is affirming the great value in liberating your soul's calling. Learn to help yourself and others through this time of personal transition and create a vehicle for permanent joyful change.

Work with the developmental, psychological, and consciousness aspects of midlife and turn a seemingly directionless journey into a great expedition to yourself. Join us to learn how to clear the fog through the passage in between.

Sponsored by
Association for Humanistic Psychology

7.0 CEC's for
Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors,
Marriage & Family Therapists

Explore the paradoxical balance between yielding into fate and directing the course of life. Gain A 21st century developmental perspectives on midlife tempered by exercises to bring the soul's deeper yearnings into conscious mind and build a bridge forward. Social worker, professional coach Isabelle St.Jean is author of Living Forward, Giving Back: A Practical Guide to Fulfillment in Midlife and Beyond, co-author Einstein's Business: Engaging Soul, Imagination and Excellence in the Workplace, and contributing editor to award wining anthology Audacious Aging.

Regardless of our outward success in midlife, most people have within some degree of unlived life which may come to haunt them, fester inside them, or otherwise call for attention. Amidst the choices they bypassed, the dreams they once had, people in their early 40ís or through the 50ís question the course of their life and what really matters most to them now. 

This is a developmental transition and a passage in between. The journey at times can be confusing, and seem directionless. Feeling so, you may drift into habits and behaviors that take you further from your soul's calling even to the point of crisis. Sometimes, the crisis manifests as a depression or ill health that further obscures the personís ability to discern what core values, intentions or passions you want to embrace.  But understanding this time of transition, can also bring a time of joy and fulfillment. This can be the greatest time of your life! And if you are a healing practitioner, you can ground yourself in wisely and skillfully helping others through this passage.

In this workshop, short presentations will be interspersed with time for questions, dialogue and experiential exercises. The information presented and the benefits of attending include:

A 21st century look at Maslow, Ericksonís, and Jungianís developmental perspectives with respect to midlife.

Information from new research about the aging brain from the field of interpersonal neurobiology.

Tools for participants to help others identify and become aware of the common gap between their chosen values and how their daily lives unfold. This includes choices of actions and attitudinal shifts to better live in integrity with what matters most.

A powerful experiential exercise to bring the soulís deeper yearnings into oneís conscious mind.

An exploration of the paradoxical balance between yielding into fate and directing the course of our life.

Suggestions to stimulate a sense of re-engagement in oneís personal and professional life.

Renewed vitality resulting from greater clarity, self-understanding and better alignment with the life force within. 


Isabelle St-Jean is a Registered Social Worker, Professional Life Transitions Coach, Certified Retirement Coach/Consultant, facilitator and author.  Her education includes formal facilitation and public speaking training and graduate studies in Authentic Leadership at Naropa University. She is initiator and co-author of the award-winning anthology Einsteinís Business: Engaging Soul, Imagination and Excellence in the Workplace, the author of Living Forward, Giving Back: A Practical Guide to Fulfillment in Midlife and Beyond, and a contributing editor of the award-winning anthology Audacious Aging. 

Fee: $95. $85 for AHP members. Seattle location TBA

A Workshop Sponsored and Presented by Susan Burns MA LMHC
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Susan Burns MA LMHC

Sponsored by Association of Humanistic Psychology
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