Sponsored by Association for Humanistic PsychologyYou Were Born for Such A Time As This with James O'Dea
Navigating Personal Transition
High Evolutionary Stress

OCTOBER 24, 2009
9 AM - 9 PM
James O'Dea and Susan Burns MA LMHC

Global Transformation & Leadership
Learn How to Navigate Change
Social Transformation

 The Grotto Retreat Center
Portland, OR
FEES: $125
Includes Catered Lunch and Dinner
AHP & IONS Members:$110
Scholarships/student discounts.
9.0 CEC's - Continuing Education Units

Discover How!

This community intensive with Global Transformation Leaders, Saturday October 24
will show how to work with change.

Whether you are a professional helping others or someone in the midst of personal or collective change, by the end of the workshop, you will have an appreciation of how YOU ARE BORN FOR SUCH A TIME AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT. Amid crisis, be able to effectively navigate a world in flux.

Clarify your role in the cauldron of change on Planet Earth. Learn how to relate systemically to the forces of change while you discover your essential skills for transformation. Integrally tune up your personal journey, working creatively with collective synergy while you learn to effectively help others through chaotic, troubled times. For practitioners and organizational leaders. James O'Dea is a social healer, systems change agent, and world evolutionary leader. Susan Burns is a psychotherapist and global transformation catalyst.

Help clarify your role in the cauldron of change now happening on planet Earth

Explore the interface of personal and collective transformation

Learn approaches to creative stress--transforming negative stress as you intensify your work in the world

Explore integration of inner and outer purpose--sacred activism

Learn about ways to recognize authentic guidance from distracting seductions

Understand the principals needed to midwife the old paradigm of consumption to a new era of global transformation.

Learn how you can effectively help others through chaotic, troubled times.

Discover personal essential skills for dealing with change.

Sponsored by

Association for Humanistic Psychology

9.0 CEC's

Social Workers, Counselors,
Marriage & Family Therapists

CEC's paid on site: $10
9.0 Continuing Education Units


Note: This workshop also occurred on April 4, 2009, Seattle, 9 AM-9 PM. It followed an evening presentation and community dialogue produced by Susan Burns MA LMHC, You Were Born For Such A Time As This! Collective Wisdom of Transformation (4/03/09). The introductory evening featured a culturally diverse panel of community leaders who gathered for an evening of collective wisdom on conscious change. They launched this workshop in support of and collaboration with James O'Dea and Susan Burns, looking into the transformational potential emerging from global challenges and opportunities to explore this historic moment and its meaning. They answered the questions: "How do you deal consciously with a time such as this? Simply, how do you become an agent of transformation and take care of yourself?


Public Presentations Produced by Susan Burns
Presenting James O'Dea

Spirit in Action...Wisdom in Community
with James O'Dea
(Seattle Unity, 2004)

Conscious Universe: Science, Faith and Activism for a New Cosmology
James O'Dea, moderator Madge Peinkofer and panel: Rev. Lisa Davis, Sr. Alexandra Kovats, Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield, and Lenore Norgard
(Portland Unity, 2007)

What Is Your Place in a Conscious Universe?
Sunday Sermon
with James O'Dea
(Portland Unity, 2007)

Toward an Emerging Science of Peace & Transformation
with James O'Dea
(Seattle Unity, 2006)

You Were Born for Such a Time as This!
The Collective Wisdom of Transformation
with James O'Dea, Gloria Burgess, David Spangler, Norma Timbang
Phil Lane Jr.
(Seattle Unity, 2009)

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James O'Dea & Dr. Pat Interview

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Susan Burns MA LMHC

Susan Burns MA DAPA FNBCCH is  a Washington State licensed mental health counselor and advanced clinical hypnotherapist in Bellevue, WA in private practice since 1989, serving the needs of adults, families, children and groups. She integrates a rich array of therapeutic approaches and modalities acquired from over 35 years of human service work, professional training, as well as her own depth work. She is also licensed and experienced as a special educator/learning specialist. Susan is practiced in family systems, somatic psychotherapy, energy psychology, anxiety and trauma relief, art and movement therapy, process-oriented psychology, expressive psychotherapy, and career consultation and life transition. In addition to her private practice she is deeply involved with community building. She organized and supported a bioregional hub of community groups for The Institute of Noetic Sciences for the last 15 years and has recently retired. She now leads Transformative Groups, endorsed by the Association for Humanistic Psychology to offer professional training to practitioners. She organized the workshops listed below with James O'Dea and other noted community leaders, among others, in addition to years of convening leaders at the grass roots level of community building. She currently leads her own professional continuing education workshops which are open to the public and consults within a global community.

Find Susan Burns at Feeling Whole and Transformative Groups.

James O'Dea

James O'Dea is a Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and was until recently its President.  IONS is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1973 by astronaut Edgar Mitchell which explores the frontiers of consciousness and global paradigm change. James O'Dea was President of IONS from April 2003 to September 2008.

He spent ten years as the Director of the Washington Office of Amnesty International, where he testified before Congress, met with two U.S. presidents and numerous foreign heads of state and government leaders, and represented Amnesty International to the State Department, the White House, and the World Conference on Human Rights.

Subsequently, he spent five years as Executive Director of the Seva Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to international health & development issues in Latin America, Asia , and on American Indian reservations.  Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning service.  Prior to that James lived and worked in Turkey and Lebanon , and witnessed civil conflict, war and massacre, which influenced him deeply.  .

James founded and co-led an international series of "Compassion and Social Healing" dialogues funded by The Fetzer Institute. The dialogues, spanning a five year period, brought together leaders and activists in a variety of fields related to human rights, peace, and social reconciliation initiatives.

James is a member of the World Wisdom Council.  This council is a coalescing of international leaders in diverse fields banding together to formulate a structure and support system that furthers the realization that we are one family of humankind.  He works with emerging young leaders and the development of their initiatives, is engaged in intergenerational dialogue, and is a member of the Advisory Board of Children of the Earth.

He lectures all over the world, and has essays published in numerous magazines and books including currently the Mystery of 2012 (Sounds True) Consciousness and Healing: An Integral Approach to Mind Body Medicine (Elsevier) and Earthrise: The Dawning of a New Civilization in the 21st Century ( Goi). He is currently writing a chapter for a book on Creative Atonement.

Also see this page of a past workshop on Conscious Universe where James O'Dea's bio includes links to recent works.

James O'Dea's Web Site.

Link directly to James O'Dea Luminary page on Shift in Action.


This Workshop Inspired An Article in The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities

James O'Dea Wrote The Last Chapter entitled, "You Were Born For Such A Time As This!"
Contributing authors:
John Major Jenkins, José Argüelles, Carl Calleman, Robert Sitler, Arjuna Ardagh, Gill Edwards, Lawrence Joseph, Llewelyn Vaughn Lee, Janosh, Sharron Rose, Christine Page, John Petersen, Karl Maret, Corrine McLaughlin, Gregg Braden, Jay Weidner, Ervin Laszlo, James O'Dea, Geoff Stray, Peter Russell, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Joanna Macy, Jean Houston, Daniel Pinchbeck

See description in August 2009 News
Susan Burns MA LMHC

Workshop Produced by Susan Burns
Contact: info@transformativegroups.com

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